About Just Imagine!

A few years ago, one of our dear friends was moving away from her family for college. As a going away gift, we wanted to give her something that would not only be useful, but remind her of us and our love for her.


We spent a lot of time imagining items she could use in her apartment, or wear to protect her from the harsh weather. Every gift we thought of was either too practical, or too impractical. Then, we got a crazy idea. The idea to get her an email address... an email address that was perfect for her.


Once we had the email address we imagined, we decided to make a presentation of this gift to her. What fun that was!!! Our presentation was simple but touching. We made fun of her idiosyncrasies, and praised her talents. We reminisced about birthday parties and camping trips. Then, we concluded the only gift suitable for her based on these idiosyncrasies and talents was her own very personal and wonderfully unique email address. The response was an uproar of laughter, applause and tremendous affection. Quite frankly, we were stunned at the amount of appeal this gift had.


The idea of JustImagine.email was born.


Just Imagine, a one of a kind email address which makes an effective and long lasting statement. Imagine an email to convey a statement about yourself or your politics. Or a statement of affection, or disdane, for someone else. In a business relationship, imagine an email address used as an introduction to make a statement regarding creativity, attention to detail or professionalism. Or, all three. Just Imagine the possibilities…


Just Imagine allows you to subscribe by simply:

  1. Imagine an available email address
  2. Buy the subscription... but use real money... imaginary money not accepted.
  3. Register your emails destination.

Should you have any issues, email us: neverhappy@grumpy.email

If you can imagine some nice words, email us here: thankyouthankyouverymuch@theking.rocks

Or you can quickly contact us during our extended business hours:

Chat: Click Here

Phone: (714) 855-4244 x777

Email: support@justimagine.email

Email addresses shown above may already by subscribed by other customers. neverhappy@grumpy.email, thankyouthankyouverymuch@theking.rocks, support@justimagine.email are actual emails we ask our customers to use when contacting us. Just Imagine something to send to us. It's Fun! And, you can also have your own @grumpy.email, @theking.rocks emails by adding your own name, or someone elses to the beginning of the email.

We just couldn't help ourselves... thefourtops@canthelpmyself.song

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